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Owner, Instructor, Coach - White Bear Twp and Woodbury

My Farrell's story begins like many others. I grew up with a passion for sports and exercise. That love of physical fitness carried through my twenties. However, life happens. By my early 30's, I was in the midst of a rewarding, yet, stressful corporate career. Then, my wife and I were blessed with twins. I quickly fell out of a regular exercise routine. Of course, I continued to eat like I was an active 25 year old, so the weight began to pack on. I eventually recognized this combination of little exercise and poor eating was not working when I saw a picture of myself in the pool with my kids. It was at that point I decided to do something.
In January 2010, I committed myself to complete one of those at-home exercise DVD programs. My wife thought I had lost my mind waking up at 4am every day to exercise. But, I stuck to it…for 18 months. Even though I experienced decent results, I wanted a bigger challenge. It was around this time that I also decided to jump off the corporate path and began pursuing my dream of owning my own business. That is when these two seemingly disconnected paths crossed and FXB entered the picture. In September 2011, I noticed this new gym in Blaine, MN and decided to check it out. After learning more about the FXB program, I decided to try the 10-Week Challenge. Within the first week, I was hooked—I knew this was it!
After several years of being a student and owner of an FXB franchise, I still find the classes challenging and the results tangible. Moreover, the camaraderie and support you find at FXB are unparalleled. I believe in this program and want to help others live healthier, active lives. It’s not just a gym…it’s a way of life!
Owner, Instructor, Coach
Owner, Instructor, Coach, Nutrition Fanatic
As a kid growing up in Minnesota on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, I was blessed with the opportunity to participate in many different physical activities including hockey, water skiing and competitive tennis and soccer. I loved to exercise and the feeling that went with pushing myselft to excel. I graduated the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Business Administration. After graduation, I spent time windsurfing and fishing off the tip of Baja Mexico and running a water sports resort in Sun Valley Idaho. I soon felt the tug of my newly printed degree calling me back to Minnesota where I began a career in Information Technology Management. I spent the next 20 years working in various industries including travel, retail and medical device, where I was involved in product development, project management and as a part of the Management team where I enjoyed leading and developing the potential of others. Desiring a culture in innovation and accountability, I joined a small startup company specializing in IT managed services.
As the U.S. economy headed into one of the worst recessions since the great depression in 2008, I found myself looking for a new opportunity and completely out of shape from working long hours and helping to raise two kids. Balancing work and family came at the expense of my physical well being. At the age of 49, I started working out. For the next 2 years, my exercise routine consisted of long distance cardio based exercises with no real attention to a proper nutrition. I was never interested in joining a health club and always worked out on my own. This all changed for me when a soon to be business colleague of mine talked me into joining Farrell's for the purpose of one day opening our own Farrell's Franchise.
As fate would have it, I joined my first health club, Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping (FXB) at the ripe old age of 51, in January 2012. After working out on my own for the previous 2 years I considered myself to be in pretty good shape. On my first day at the Farrell's new member orientation I was quite surprised to find out that my body fat was 21%.
This can't be!
I was the classic case of spending countless hours each week spinning on a treadmill with marginal results to show for it.
After the first week at Farrell's I thought I would have to finish the next 9 weeks from a hospital bed, I was so sore. With great coaching and motivation from other FXB members I made it through the 10 week program. My next big surprise came during the Final 10 week testing when I learned that my body fat was now down to 16%. Motivated by this result, I continued on with the program.  At my 1 year anniversary, my body fat was down to 10.5%; a 50% reduction in body fat!!
This can be!!
The combination of Cardio-Kickboxing, Strength training and proper nutrition has me in the best shape of my life!
General Manager, Instructor, Coach
Six years ago I was almost 300 pounds. I had always been fairly athletic, but after my wife and I had kids, my lifestyle became less and less active.  Before I knew it, I was way out of shape and on my way to being at high risk for health problems. My wife urged me to join the local gym and I finally did. I loved the feeling of accomplishment as I saw my body transforming for the better. When I felt like I was in good enough shape, I started training in the martial arts. I started attending cardio kickboxing classes and loved those too. I took the National Exercise Trainers Association's cardio kickboxing training course, and after a few months of teaching I decided to take the NETA personal training certification course.
Now I'm down to a healthy weight and have made fitness not only a big part of my life but also a second career. I'm excited to be part of FXB Woodbury, and excited to help others in their own transformations!
Farrell’s has been a huge part of improving my quality of life. After going to a Friends and Family day with a longtime friend at another location, I decided to give this gym a try. When I started my first ten weeks in January of 2015 I was really depressed, anxious and sad. I was looking for any possible way to feel better. I grew up playing basketball and running track but as an adult fitness had taken a backseat. After some years, I’d been trying to develop and maintain a workout routine on my own but to no avail. I really appreciate the group fitness aspect of the gym as it’s given me something to be accountable to. My overall health has drastically improved, physically, mentally and emotionally. With each passing class I reach new goals and feel and notice my body changing. I’m more health conscious and have become addicted to “the burn” you feel during (and after) a good workout! Farrell’s has been a way to improve my self-esteem and as an instructor I hope that I can help others improve theirs as well. FXB Woodbury is a great group of people and I’m excited to be a part of this team!
Motivation is entirely different than actually accomplishing your goals. It took me years of dealing with my weight, and I still do to this day. When I signed up for Farrell's, I was at another low point. My weight had reached unhealthy levels and I needed something to kickstart progress towards better health. I was born with a robust appetite (still have that, by the way) so having a program that held me accountable was completely necessary.

I have learned since I started that my motivation is to help inspire others so that they feel stronger about themselves, and that they stay out of that revolving trap that an unhealthy lifestyle brings. I enjoy teaching classes because I love mixing hard work, high energy, and lots of inspiration - yet with an emphasis on good technique. Not to mention all while having some fun during the workouts! Come and see for yourself, there is no better time to start working on you than right now!

As I have gotten older, I’ve discovered how important it is to get and stay in shape, not just for those “special occasions” but for everyday living. I found FXB to be the right balance for me with kickboxing (cardio), strength training, along with the nutritional guidance. I love instructing because I love to see people reach their fitness goals and watch their transformations, not just physical but also emotional and improve their self-esteem. I like the community feel and the lifelong friendships that are created. My husband, daughter and son-in-law are all FIT members and we enjoy working out together.
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